2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport

Hello everyone, I wrote to Ray and Tom and thought I would try here as well. I have had my Wrangler for about a year and a half and it has been reliable since that time.

The problem is a clunking noise which I can also feel it by the gas pedal. The noise only occurs the second half of the day.

So I do not know if it is a heat issue that is causing something to loosen.

My Mechanic checked everything, the clutch,motor and transmission mounts are fine.

But again he checked it twice and was pretty thorough but he cannot find anything wrong.

My problem is the noise and clunking does not occur in the morning, so if it was a suspension or mount problem I would assume it would be there all the time.

You can actually feel something by the gas pedal when the jeep is moving even with minor pitches in the road.

I have resolved to waiting until something breaks than I will know.

But I am also worried it could be something that needs attention or it could turn the repair expensive.

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile: