2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland drive line torque "wrap up" (?) issue

New quirk in my '04 Overland, 133K miles. When driving, it feels like I am getting some “wrap up” in the drive line. What I mean is that, when there is even the slightest amount of throttle pressure, and it is let off, there is a perceptible slight pull or surge feeling to the right. When even light throttle pressure is applied again, it will pull back left again. No driveline noises, clunks, shimmies, etc. , just the feel of the car sort of torqueing when there is pressure added or removed from the power train. It is more of a “seat of the pants” feel than in the steering. My guess is that it may be a suspension link or bushing in the rear ened gone, although I do have some fear about maybe the limited slip unit in the rear differential acting up, as I hear these can be prone to issues. Hopefully someone in the Jeep crowd might recognize this as a common thing. Thanks.

Have someone check the upper suspension arm bushings and ball joints for wear.

The upper suspension arm prevents the rear differential from twisting when torque applied to the rear differential.


Check the engine and transmission mounts too. If the engine is mounted in the “long” direction, when you accelerate or de-accelerate you’ll get a torque force trying to rotate the engine and transmission right or left. Perhaps they are rotating too much due to loose fitting mounts.