2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo gas tank cover

This morning I started to hear a banging noise. Looks like the cover over my gas tank is loose. Is this a fix immediately problem, is the cover just a cover or does it being loose affect the actual gas tank. Mostly, is it safe to drive until I can get it repaired?

This is called a gas tank-skid plate shield…Its there to protect the gas tank against rocks,hits etc when you go off-roading.Don’t wait too long for this repair because you could loose it and cause an accident.This is a heavy cover made of thick steel and is very expensive.

I would have this checked right away. The shield over most tanks is held on by the straps that hold the tank up.
The straps may have rusted through and there is not much to hold the tank up.


The cover could come loose as you are driving and bounce back up off the pavement and puncture the gas tank. Needs to be assessed by a shop asap.

Thank you. Have appointment tomorrow for repair.

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