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2004 Jeep GC Replace PCM?!?

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Special Edition) has been stalling on me for a couple months now. After 2 different shops I decided to take to the dealership after stalling on freeway. They had my car 2 weeks before they got it to stall and advised I replace the CAM and Crank sensor before replacing the PCM (main computer).The Crank sensor was replaced at the first shop, they said part had noted issues if after market. I had them replace the CAM sensor and am taking back to first shop to warranty the part and asked they use a factory part. My concern is it will continue to stall and the next step is to replace the PCM. At this point I’m not sure if I want to put more money into it or simply go get a new car? Any advice on PCM problems?

An intermittent stall is annoying and expensive. And yes, new parts can fail out of the box. Even OE from the dealer. If you trust either of the shops your best bet is to let them take their best shot at repairing it. And it seems that the dealer is going in the right direction replacing the cheapest likely causes first. PCMs are fairly reliable. I have installed many from parts stores and OE with great success.

I assume the ignition is failing when the trouble happens. The problem could be due to the PCM or something as simple is a bad wire connection. If it comes down to replacing the PCM I suggest you find a used one from a salvage yard. It will save you a lot of money over a rebuilt or new one.