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2004 Jaguar Vanden Plas - Wimpy

Wimpy half hearted bro like a small balloon losing air sounds after the key is turned off. Not always at the same time frame. No error message or warning lights. Started 2 months ago.

Could you explain your issue a little more clearly. I cannot understand your post. Please add more info about your car as well. How many miles on it and have you had a shop look at it.



My 04 Jaguar VP has 113000 miles on it. I only drive it in the summer. In August it started making an audible single beep mostly after the key was turned off. But not everytime and not at exact timing of shutting the key off. It isn’t the beep that hear when your lights are on, or you touched the gear shift or the car won’t lock because something is open. It sounds like a mostly deflated sad balloon s last gasp beep. It comes without an error message on the big screen or small screen above the steering wheel. I don’t know what it means. I also don’t want to go the dealer for 500.00 without at least an idea of what it could be beforehand. No mention in the manual of all the different sounds this car makes for audible info. Everything works as it should on the car, except the trunk won’t unlock without using the key, that’s a 1yr old issue I’ll address in the spring. I dread hearing it and worry when I don’t!


Does your car use air-suspension technology? Or is this “sound” you are hearing some sort of electronic warning beep?

$500? Dealer said that is minimum charge to have car inspected for issues? Only 1 dealer in your state?

Luxury cars frequently come with luxury-level diagnostic and repair costs.

Not a good idea to put that much info on an open web forum.
@cdaquila Carolyn , want to wave your magic wand of removal again.

Could you post what that message says? That would help a lot.

Why are posting your personal info on an open web site . Our esteemed moderator took it off your other post .