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2004 Infiniti FX35 - Fuel consumption

High fuel consumption

That fact is well known, this SUV is rated at 15 MPG.


If you want help, you need to provide details, not make us drag them out of you.

Not surprising. So !!


Have you noticed a drop in mileage? Did you just get the vehicle and you’re disappointed in the mileage?

… and, if so, did you bother to check its EPA gas mileage rating prior to purchase?

Care to elaborate on that? What kind fuel economy are you expecting? What kind of fuel economy are you currently getting and what is your methodology for arriving at that number?

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Faulty thermostat.

Pulling trailer full of bricks. That cuts into gas consumption. :smile:


On Fuelly owners are getting between 14mpg and 19mpg, similar results for other model years.

Because the OP has still not clarified “high fuel consumption” for us, we have no idea whether he is getting 10 mpg, or 20 mpg, or…