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Poor Gas Mileage on 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Hey all, just purchased a pre-owned Santa Fe Sport 2.0L Turbo AWD a few days ago. It currently has 44k miles on it. I’ve been getting 14mpg city and 17mpg highway since I drove it off the lot… where it’s supposed to be getting 19mpg and 21mpg respectively. What gives? Since it’s an average could it be all the short trips it’s taken when people test drive it, service trips, etc, when it wasn’t sitting on the lot? Thanks in advance.

You’ll need to measure it over a few tanks, record miles and gallons and calculate mpg for each tank.

How have you determined your city and highway mileage? If you have filled up since you bought vehicle past driving is no longer a factor.

What’s the connection between the short trip test-drives and your current fuel economy?

What is the actual fuel economy you have calculated over the last 3 full tanks of gas?

Thanks all. I’m still running on the 2/3 of a tank that it came off the lot with, so I will measure over the next few tanks. I wasn’t sure if there was any connection to the previous 1/3 of a tank that was used prior to my purchase of it.

@asemaster I was thinking that the previous short trip test-drives would cause my average to be lower than it could be over the next several tanks.

Sorry if any of this is silly. I’m new to the car-owning world.