2004 Hyundai Terracan odometer doesn’t match road miles

The miles showing On the clock Obometer is more than road miles Done In a trip but also the speed dial Shows 60 mph at 2000 rpm on a 5 speed gear box
What is wrong with the car
Ps the jeep is an Hyundai terracan

A Jeep is a Jeep , A Hyundai anything can not be a Jeep .
Did you not reset the tripometer ?

I assume you mean the odometer doesn’t match the mile markers along the road? If the error is small I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m always going a bit slower than my speedometer says. As for the tachometer reading, that sounds about right. My Corolla ticks over about 2400rpm at 60mph. Finally, I understood that you were using “jeep” as a generic term for an suv but some folks aren’t very forgiving. Let us know if you need any more help or if I didn’t answer your question.