2004 Hyundai Santa Fe - Troubles

I bought my Santa Fe in 2009–no problems until 2011 when I was backing up out of my driveway and turning to the left, then going into forward–it felt like something was “sticking” but then it would move forward. My mechanic could not get it to do the same thing, happened again several times over the years. Had new brakes done, properller shaft and regular maintenance. Then last year the ABS, TCS and 4 wheel drive lights came on. They replaced the LF wheel speed sensor. Lights came back on and the “sticking” started again. Found teh magnetic clutch/coupler for rear differential 4WD was bad–that part was so expensive (and car is getting older) so bought a refurbished part. When they put that on they found the ABS sensor had gone bad --replaced that(it was under warranty). , also found abs wiring connection not making good connection so adjusted the contacts. All was well for about a week–the “sticking” happened again–though just once, and the lights are coming on intermittently. I have been going to these mechanics for many years, after they were able to dx a problem with my last vehicle that 5 other places could not(inc the dealer!) They have usually been good–and have high ratings. Not sure if I should try a different place or not. Since it is not showing up in codes they said it could be very expensive to keep trying to dx it–and if that part we bought used is not good–not sure if it is worth buying a new one. HELP!

15 year old SUV that has served you pretty well over the years. Taken to mechanics that have been able to fix problems the dealer can’t, telling you it could be expensive to find and fix.

When you read this, does it tell you anything? Maybe that it is time to move on?

You don’t say how many miles are on this vehicle. If it is north of about 150,000, it is time to replace it as it.

If you don’t want to or can’t afford to move to a newer vehicle, I’d suggest either living with the annoyance or if the mag AWD coupler it is warranted (and it should be), swap out the refurbished coupler for another refurb unit.