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2004 Hyundai santa fe 2.4 motor

2004 hyundai Santa fe 2.4 motor. Started the other day and once I started accelerating there was a loud sputtering or rattling noise only when pressing the gas and rough idle in drive and poor acceleration and the check engine light came on. Everything sounded fine in park. Checked all fluids and all fluids are fine. The next day the issue persists for about 10 minutes of driving and the noise stops and no more poor acceleration but engine light is still on. I pull over and pop the hood leaving the car idling and there is white smoke or what I assume to be exhaust fumes coming from the dash area behind the motor. Could not pin point where the smoke is coming from exactly. The vehicle never overheated and operates at correct temp. Anybody have a clue as to what I’m dealing with here.

That tells us that the vehicle’s OBD system has stored one (or possibly more) Diagnostic Trouble Code(s). Until you have someone “read” those stored codes, none of us could give you an accurate idea of the source of the problems.

If you go to Auto Zone, Advance Auto, or possibly NAPA, you can have the code(s) read free-of-charge. Then, if you wish, you can come back here to post those codes for more specific advice. The codes will be in a format similar to P0123.

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Exhaust manifold leak is pretty common on those.If this is the case,see a mechanic ASAP because you may end-up breathing carbon monoxide and this is no good.

Scan came back cylinder 3 misfire. Prior to the scan I discovered oil leaking from a loose bolt on the valve cover. Put new gasket on bolt and tightened. Also discovered an exhaust leak from a rubber joint just before the cat. Will replace this piece and plugs and wires.