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2004 Honda CRV noise when braking ... once again

Hi! I posted this question a few months ago and didn’t turn up an answer, had the car in the shop for various things, including the issue mentioned here, then was out of town and away from car for over a month, etc etc. The long and the short is that I still have the following question:

2004 Honda CRV just over 100k miles.

Brakes are now about 8 months old (less than 1k miles/month). Tires are also about that old.

Other new stuff (done by dealer about 4 months ago) includes: ball joints, wheel bearings, control arm.

I had to take it to a mechanic (not a Honda-only mechanic) to get a safety inspection in order to register it in the new place I’m living and he said “Everything looks new!” I had asked him to look specially at the brakes due to the noise described below. He said they seemed fine.

The issue I’ve been having is as follows: when the car is hot, i.e. after driving 100+ miles , and when traveling at very low speeds, the brakes make a sort of groaning sound. I recently made a 400-mile 1-day trip; no noise when exiting, pulling up to the gas pump, etc. But as soon as I got into the city where I was going, and did a lot of stopping and starting, I would get a noticeable groan coming to lights, stop signs, etc. No noticeable change in brake function. When I just get in the car to make a quick trip after it’s been sitting for a day, or a few hours, I do not get this noise.

So, honestly, I’m not worried about safety, just very puzzled. The noise is definitely a recent occurrence–starting about 5 months ago. I would love to have it fixed, but would prefer to be able to direct a mechanic’s attention to something specific rather than giving carte blanche to take apart the front end again!

Could just be the pads, specifically the materials used to make them. The city driving causes the brake pads to become hotter. Another brand may do better, but if the brakes are working OK, I’d just live with the noise, as long as I know that there isn’t a safety issue.

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Jeremy, I think I’m pretty much with Keith. However, since Honda did the original brake work and the problem started after that, I’d definitely take it to them to remedy. I would assume they used Honda pads, but if you can “warm it up” so that when you arrive at their shop they can listen, maybe they’ll at least try some different pads on there for you.

A side note…I’m guessing you must do a lot of city driving? I only ask because I have a 99 CR-V with 240k and still have original ball joints and wheel bearings and even rear shoes on the brakes. That’s probably with 75% highway miles though. – Mark

Does the pedal seem to pulsate when the groan happens? If so I would think an abs problem. The best bet is to be able to replicate the problem for someone to look at it.

I think @Keith in on the money. If you want this groaning to stop, you’ll have to pop for more expensive type of pads. And possibly a resurfacing of the brake discs.

I know this is an old thread but it is exactly what I am experiencing with my 2004 CRV now. The only exception being that while the brake pads still look great, the noise did not start on the heels of getting them changed.
Did you ever get any resolution to the groaning? My mechanic suggested it might be the axle but from what I’ve read, the warning signs for axle replacement are not consistent with what I’m hearing.

You’d get a better response if you posted this as a new post.

That said, the suggested solution was to change the pads. Different brake pad suppliers use different materials in the pads. This can cause squeals, squeaks, groans and moans depending on how and where and how often you drive and the type of car. It is annoying but not dangerous unless the pad is worn out. Have it checked and if the pads aren’t worn out but you just can’t stand the noise, have the pads and rotors replaced.