2004 Honda Civic EX

My check engine light came on not that long ago. Apparently, I have a couple of transmission problems that will cost $2500 to repair, sounds like mostly labor costs from the mechanic who looked at it. It has 188,000 miles on it. How long could the car drive before it totally dies, if I’m only using within the city? Do you think I can get a better deal someplace else?

Hondas are great cars, but they do have a record of more transmission problems than the other Japanese manufacturers. I am going to assume that your car is of 2004 vintage *, and that certainly makes it ripe for trans problems after 188k miles–especially if it wasn’t serviced every 30k miles .

How long can you drive it before it dies?
Nobody except a mechanic who has actually examined the car could possibly say.
And, using it mostly for city driving is actually much harder on a transmission, due to very frequent shifting, but… from afar… nobody could possibly tell you whether the trans will last for one more week, or one month, or…

As to whether you can get a better price somewhere else, that is also unanswerable from afar, by people who haven’t had a chance to examine the transmission.

*Originally, the title of this thread identified the car as a “2044 Honda”.

At $2500, do you think it’s worth it to fix or should I start looking for another vehicle?

This is something only you can answer . You know the condition of the car , that can’t be determined sight unseen over the web.

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I would be reluctant to spend that much money repairing a 14 year old car with 188k miles.
However, IF you have consistently maintained it at least as well as Honda specifies in their maintenance schedule, if there are no current engine problems, and if the body has no rust damage, then perhaps it might be worthwhile sinking that much money into it. Just be aware that the car is rapidly reaching the end of its design life–even without transmission problems.

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