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2004 Honda Civic - Am I good to go?

Engine light turned on after car heated up while driving in heavy traffic. I pulled side, let car cool down and added some water and drove home while engine light remained on but car did not over heat. This morning when i turned car on engine light was on. I went for a short drive, no overheating but light was on. stopped for ten minutes, added some water, turned car on and engine light is off now. Do i need to take the car to mechanic or just leave it?

A couple of things.
You may have a coolant leak. Look under the car for coolant.
If all hoses on your car are original and the water pump is original you may very well have a leak. The radiator itself might be leaking. There is also the possibility of a bad head gasket. A mechanic can pinpoint the culprit.
If all of the above is okay you still need to have the coolant changed, the car needs a 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water.

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Thanks for your prompt response. Do you think i could drive the car this weekend or should i just leave it stationary until monday when a mechanic could look at it?

Don’t where you are but it looks like you do not have enough anti freeze in the vehicle now . Why take a chance on more damage if you do have a head gasket leak . I would just park it until the problem is found and fixed.