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Car heating up

I changed my car radiator few month ago because it heated up and was damaged.
after that I had another situation when it heated up and I noticed there was no water. Now i have to fill the water every week. I do not see any visible sign of water leakage. Please help.

You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head or block.


Check your oil level to see if it is too high and what it looks like.

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Yes, check your oil. If there is too much and it looks like a milkshake… that is where the water is going!

Thank you all for contributing.
So I took my Honda civic 2004 SE to a mechanic.
The problems I am having are:

  • 7 month ago, the car heated up with engine light and smoke coming out from front of the car, I stopped in a gas station, we waited for car to cool down and put water in the car. The engine light remained on and I drove home (close by). Day after I took it to a a mechanic who changed the radiator.

  • It happened again last month, but I noticed it faster, so engine light came on but day after it was off. There was no water in the car, so we filled it.

  • I kept on driving for last month and had no problem. However, few days ago, I checked the car and noticed that there was no water in radiator and no leak under the car. I filled it with water. had a short drive and parked the car and checked it day after and there was no water in coolant.

  • I took the car to a mechanic yesterday, he changed the water pump and informed me that it was melted and there was massive heat. He said there was no way the first mechanic who changed the radiator could have missed it. so in his opinion this must have happened after changing radiator.
    he also said that he checked the oil and it was clean, and checked the fan and it was working.

  • I drove the car home and no problem. I checked the car day after and noticed that radiator was empty, but no leak under the car. I put half cup of water but then noticed that reservoir was way above max.

I hardly drive the car and my driving are usually very short distance and in city street. The two times the car heated up, was 30/40 minutes drive with lots of traffic.

Another issue this car has is a sound that I am told is from muffler.

2- is it ok to drive the car with with reservoir way above max?
3- is it safe to drive this car in short distances?


  1. Most likely a blown head gasket, but if that happened and the car was driven with low coolant there could be more serious damage like cracked head, scored cylinder walls, etc.

  2. No if you want to keep it.

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