2004 Grand Prix gtp Supercharger problems help pls

I recently got this car from my uncle for cheap and the supercharger wasn’t working right makes sputtering noise whenever I would use it he said it was because of the catalytic converter being clogged so I Cleared that out and the car still has the problem but runs a little better and I tried unplugging the MAF and it ran a little better but still had the problem please help thanks.

I will assume the check engine light is on… Right? What are the codes? If you don’t know, have them read for free at your local auto parts store. Post the actual code, P1234, not what the counter guy tells you it is. Also post how many miles the car has on it.

how did you “clear out” the cat issue? remove the cat?
i had 2 gtp’s and both were modded. smaller pulley. intake, tune, exhaust
never really had any bogging issues.
is the motor mostly stock?
how many miles?

Sputtering noise that sounds kind of like George Jetson’s car?

Bypass valve is stuck closed.

I will only add that one should (and seldom done) is check the oil level in the supercharger ever so often. There’s a plug in the top of the SC for doing this.

I’m assuming at this point that sputtering does not mean rattling. You might also check for intake leaks.

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