2004 Grand Cherokee oil leak

Our 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee has developed a small oil leak coming from the driver’s side rear of the car. When I look under the car, there is some gizmo tucked up in the corner of the bumper that has some hoses and pipes running to it and the hoses are wet with oil. What is this thing? Is it safe to drive until we get it in to get fixed?

That gizmo is the evaporative emission canister. Check to see what you think is oil is not actually gasoline by smelling it. Is the Check Engine light on?


Nope, it is not gas. looks, smells and feels like oil. The check engine light is not on.

Is this where it’s located?http://www.ondemand5.com/mric/common/asp/Graphic.aspx?

Sorry! The URL isn’t working.