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2004 Ford Ranger rotor warpage

i have a 2WD 2004 Ford Ranger regular cab. i have replaced the rotors three times in the last year due to warpage. what is causing this? the truck does not pull to one side or the other while driving. applying the brakes don’t cause it to pull to one side either. according to my mechanics, neither caliper is sticking. the right brake pad does show some signs of heat damage (cracking). there is no uneven tire wear. i have a buddy who thinks it may be a bent wheel hub, but my mechanic says no because no uneven tire wear. they are leaning to a faulty brake hose, but can’t say for sure. HELP!

Are you installing OEM specified rotors which costs more, or cheap rotors?


Good idea to use a dial indicator and get a run-out reading on the hub anyway. It could be warped. And if it is, installing new rotors on a warped hub will just warp the rotors again. Warped rotors are a common problem. Often the cause is that at some point the wheel lugs have been overtightened or not tightened in the right sequence. This warps the rotor, and can eventually lead to the hub being warped too. If the brake hose collapses, that can lead to the brake locking up somewhat, and could result in heat damage to the rotor and pads too. Maybe just ask the mechanic to install a new hose if the current one is original to the truck. Sometimes when all this happens it makes sense to fix the hub if there is a problem then replace the calipers, rotors, pads and rubber hoses with new and be done w/it. Then make sure going forward when wheels are being installed, they are hand torqued to spec using a calibrated torque wrench and in the proper sequence and torque increments each round.

One common cause is in torquing the wheel nuts.