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Warped rotors on 2006 Honda Accord

A few months ago my mechanic replaced my front brake pads and my rotors. However, the rotors keep warping after a little driving. After the first or second occurrence, the mechanic suggested that I replace my calipers, which I did. However, the warping has occurred again. I think that he uses NAPA brake pads but I’m not sure. Could it be a problem with the type of brake pads? Any other ideas?

One thing to check is the tightening of the studs. incorrect or uneven tightening can warp the rotors.

@BarryLee you might have a warped hub. If the hub itself is warped, those rotors won’t last.

By the way, is the mechanic actually measuring the runout? Or is he just stating the rotors are warped without verifying this?
Another question. Is he measuring runout on the front AND rear brakes? It may sound funny, but sometimes it’s not easy to tell if the front or the rear brakes are the problem.

NAPA has cheap and pricey brake pads. So you can’t really condemn the brand.

Are you a smooth driver? Do you race through town, having to slam on the brakes hard at every red light and pedestrian crossing? That kind of driving is hard on the brakes.

Incorrectly torqued wheel bolts is a cause for warped rotors. My brake guys will retourque lugnuts for free to prevent problems. Rotors on some cars are more sensitive than others.

Check the hub flange where the rotor mounts for excessive rust. A lot of rust on the flange can cause rotor runout when the new rotors are mounted. This is what I use to remove the rust from the flanges.