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2004 Ford Ranger - blinking OD Off light

I have a 04 Ranger 4x4 4.0 and while driving the engine revved to a high rpm and I noticed the OD off light was blinking. I tried several time to get it set with the button but nothing worked could this be caused by a fuse or something?

Doubtful it’s a fuse. First step is to follow the procedure in your owner’s manual and check the transmission fluid level. While doing that, observe the color. It should be pink or red. Smell the fluid, you don’t want to smell anything “burnt”.

I don’t have a manual. I did check the fluid and it looked and smelled good. Appreciated any other ideas on what it might be.

The Transmission Control Module has detected a fault and switched off the overdrive. The TCM will need to be checked for fault codes.


Ford has it on their web site. How have you been doing proper maintenance without it?

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You know it’s possible to Google “2004 Ford Ranger recommended maintenance” without access to an owner’s manual, right? I rarely open mine.