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2002 ford ranger automatic transmission troubleshooting

I have a 2002 ranger 4x4 with the d class auto transmission and 250K highway miles on the truck. I had problems with the O/D light blinking on and shifting hard (clunking hard into gear) If I put it in neutral and shut of the engine for a second, then restart it, the O/D light would go off for a random while, but then it would come back on. Then it went away for about 50 k miles. Now it has started again and when I put it in ‘drive’ it has no connection to the wheels. But it does work with the manual 1 and 2nd gears. But not reverse. Is this a computer/electrical/tire size (pcr)problem? Or a solenoid, or do I need a complete rebuild? I plan to take it in and check codes but any mechanic is about 80 miles away, a long way in first gear. It has fluid and not smelling burned.

You have been driving it 50k miles with the O/D light blinking??? I’m not even going to venture to guess whats wrong with it, the flashing O/D light is the computer telling you to please scan me, I have something to tell you… There is nothing we can do for you here until you scan it and post the code/s.


No, I haven’t. It blinked for about two days, 50000 miles ago. Then it quit blinking and worked the way it was supposed to (o/d working with the button and not blinking) for the last 50K miles. I had it to a mechanic and he couldn’t find anything wrong. Then this afternoon, it started doing it again AND the trans started not working (the first time , the trans never quit working but it did shift hard.

Hey, how is it going. I have a 98 ranger 4.0L V6 4x4 with about 90k. It is having the identical problem. Drive is not shifitng correctly, but 1st and 2nd seem ok. No reverse though. The O/D light also blinks after a bit. Here is the kicker. I took it to a ford dealership (I am stationed in Germany and took it to one here) and they had it for three days and told me I need a new tranny. So after getting one and replacing it I thought it would be all good. THE TRUCK IS STILL DOING THE SAME THING! So after some more trouble shooting, I believe I need a new powertraing contraol module (PCM) However, there seems to be more than one for this truck and it may also be called an ECM??? Oh yeah, and Ford does not make the PCM for this truck anymore. Can anyone help me out on where and what kind of PCM to get?? please…