2004 Ford Mustang - New battery and loss of electrical - Causatoin or correlation?

Car died while driving loss electrical. Was able to pull over in bank lot wait a few minutes and it stated back. Also I have a new battery.

Could be a faulty crank position sensor. They have a failure mode where they work ok at first, then fail when they get hot. First step as a practical matter is to figure out if the fails to run problem is caused by no spark, or no fuel.

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If no CEL, then crank position sensor is likely.
If CEL, then have codes read and post back with the code numbers.


The folks above are likely right, but with me, a new battery and an electrical glitch makes me think bad (loose) ground or power terminal connection. Let us know what you find out.

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If the battery cables became disconnected while driving the engine would continue to run… so not likely the problem.