2004 Ford F150 - Coil question

What is the cheapest but still the best ignition coil over plug kits for 2004 ford f150 xlt 4.6l 2wd truck with 6in. Fabtech lift kit

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For ignition parts (plugs, COP wires, etc.) you really can’t go wrong with the OEM motorcraft parts. I’ve heard the Granatelli coil packs are fine. But there’s no real advantage to them vs. OEM. Also I hope you regeared. I’m assuming you have larger than stock tires. The 2V 4.6L is really overmatched in the 2004-2008 trucks IMHO.

With that 6in. Fabtech liftkit, I have to agree with FoDaddy :wink:

That’s a tough one. If you get the cheapest, they won’t be the best, and if you get the best, they won’t be the cheapest. Just as an aside, what does it being a 2WD and having a lift kit have to do with ignition parts! (Damn question mark key stopped working.)