2004 Ford Escape XLT tire question


I have a 2004 Ford Escape, XLT model, that I need new tires for, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I live in upstate NY, so I need something that handles well in snow (as well as during the few months of summer). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


The best thing for snow is 4 snow tires mounted on good, but inexpensive steel wheels. That way you can put them on yourself. The only issue is storing them in the summer, late spring and early fall. Realistically, you only need them for about 4 months, though you don’t say exactly what you mean by “upstate”. For some that is Rockland and for others it is more like Madison. The latter is really mid-state, but most people would accept it as upstate.


Sam’s C;ub just got snow tires. They don’t cost too much compared to the name brands and I will buy mine tomorrow. GMC Sierra 4WD.

If you are really worried about snow, and if you live where it is, it is good to worry about, then you need [b] four (4) [/b] real snow (winter) tyres not All Season tyres.  You also will need to change them out for summer as they are not all that good on warm dry roads and they wear quickly during the summer.

I got a set of four mounted on rims for my car from TireRack.com Not expensive and they delivered them to my home.  I change my own, but they will arrange for mounting at a local service near you if you like or you can take them to the shop or your choice and they can do it for your.


I live in Rochester, NY, but before this I was in Maine, so I’ve driven in snow a lot, and never used snow tires. Plus, since I live in an apartment, there’s not much room for storing tires. I was looking at the Michelin CrossTerrain SUV tires and BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T/A tires, but I’ve seen some bad reviews on the latter tires. Of course, the Michelin are pretty pricey, and I was wondering if there were any cheaper suggestions out there. The car currently has Cooper Discover H/T tires, which I’ve been pretty happy with, so I’m wondering if I should just go with those again. Suggestions? Are there any reasons not to go with the Cooper tires?