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2004 Ford E150 - Electrical issues

no blinkers or flashers when the ac or headlights are turned on.however the flasher indicator lights and high beam indicator are slightly illuminated when ac is on. no fan motor either. no dash lights when headlights are turned on.

When accessories are turned on that require fairly high current to flow and there is a bad connection to ground, then things that require less current flow are more likely to show up a problem, like the dash lights being low. Clean the battery connections and the main chassis grounds up and then check to see if the trouble clears. You could also use a temporary jumper lead to quickly check for the trouble.

Those types of problems can be caused by a bad body control module.


Faulty grounds can also cause that sort of symptom. If any repair or maintenance work was done just before you noticed this, my first suspect is a ground connector hasn’t be re-connected somewhere.

George, ding ding ding ding. You called it. Took my truck over to Penny Automotive in three rivers MI (shameless but well deserved plug) And they tracked down the open ground. Kudos to you sir. And if you need work on your vehicle in or around 49093. The guys at Penny;s have never let me down. Quick, fair and honest. Congrats again George!