2004 dodge durango code: PO441, please help me!



my wife has a 2004 dodge durango, and a couple of months ago the check engine light came on. I took it to my local auto parts store and had them check the codes for me. They are as follows:

Troubleshooting P0441

1-Defective or loose fuel cap

2-EVAP canister or hose cracked-not connected

3-Purge or vent solenoid defective

4-Vacuum leak at engine

I checked the fuel cap and even replaced it. the light went off for a little while, and the came back on.

And now there is what sounds to be an exhaust leak coming from the drivers side of the engine compartment. Is this a vacume leak? If so, where do I look, how do I fix it? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

Posted by: steve_havrilo


You need to look for vacuum leaks in the fuel venting lines to the tank. Also check the purge solenoid and make sure voltage is getting to it and the coil of the solenoid is ok. If the solenoid is the problem the computer needs to see a complete circuit in order to clear the code.