Dodge Durango EVAP leak

I have a 2016 Dodge Durango RT and I’ve gotten the code P0456 for a small evap leak. I’ve looked into what could be the problem but I don’t know where everything is. Could someone point me in the direction of the location of all the evap stuff? And no it’s not a gas cap, don’t have one.

That’s an EVAP leak.


Yes I know…I’m looking for where the parts are located at. Specifically the vapor canister and the fuel tank sending unit

A number of newer vehicles don’t have gas caps.

All of the newer Durangos have a capless filler tube .It’s just a spring loaded door thaT the nozzle goes thru .

Which engine do you have, v6 3.6L or v8 5.7L?

In general, finding an evap leak is like finding a swimming pool leak. You just have to keep looking at all the possible places a leak could happen until you find it. Eventually you’ll find a broken connector, a hose that’s fallen off, etc. Sometime you can pinch off (or program off using a scan tool) certain of the evap circuits to see if the leak goes away.

Many times, it’s not that obvious

And remember, it’s not necessarily a leak we’re talking about

The code(s) set when the evap system can’t pull the specified vacuum within the allowed time frame. That’s generic, what I just told you, not manufacturer specific

A hose falling off would cause a large leak fault.

Finding the fuel tank, canister and vapor lines is the easy part, detecting/identifying the leak with no equipment is the hard part.

R/T comes with a V8 if that makes a difference.

OP asked where the evap gadgets are located on their truck. Are you able to assist OP on that?