2004 Civic starts then dies after being filled up

Right after i filled the gas tank, the car will start for a few seconds and shortly die afterwards. Could it possibly be the purge control solenoid? Right now i’m completely lost, so please help.

Is this a regular thing and is after a fill-up the only time it happens? Do you “top it off” when filling?

The next time this happens, remove the gas cap and listen if there’s a sudden release of pressure from the gas tank. If there is, the EVAP system might be restricted. I would start by removing and inspecting the EVAP hoses that run to the carbon canister next to the gas tank under the vehicle. A restricted EVAP hose can cause this problem.


Thanks for the suggestions guys, we’ve tried listening for a release in pressure and nothing. We diagnosed the problem with AllData and it suggested checking out the purge control solenoid. This is a customer’s car and we really can’t find out what the problem is… If there are any suggestions regarding the purge control, i’d be more than happy to hear them!
Thanks in advance!