2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser - New vehicle advice

I drive a 2004 PT Cruiser. I love it but I guess it’s time to replace it. I like a hatchback, I like a car that sits up high enough to get in and out of easily and I like a car that is easy to find in the parking lot. Yes, I AM an old lady! I also don’t want to sit inside a soot sprite. I detest the black interiors of the new car models. Can you suggest a late model car that fills my needs and isn’t black,silver,gold,white, beige, or gray? No neutrals. I like my car to be pleasant to look at and to sit in. I’d appreciate some guidance. I really don’t enjoy visiting dealerships as it’s too much standing and walking.

There is NO way folks out on the internet can recommend a vehicle for you with any accuracy. Only you understand what you need.

I’d suggest going to a used car dealership that sell LOTs of different types of cars like CarMax or AutoNation. That way you can see, sit in and test drive similar vehicles from different manufacturers. Once you find a good fit, decide if you want to buy used or identify a new vehicle you can test at the new car dealer that might fit your needs.

Make sure whatEVER vehicle you decide to buy, test drive it for a good long drive so you don’t comeback here and complain about the seats or the ride from a 5 minute test ride - we’ve had more than a few of those lately!

Talk about limiting yourself to choices . I have no idea what a ( soot sprite ) is and not sure I care.
Karen , every web site of the vehicle manufactures will show models , prices and features.

Yes. First off, most crossovers offer a light interior now. I agree, black is not practical and makes the interior gloomy. Here is one I know you can buy. Mazda CX-5. Note that a light dash is a bad idea. It creates glare. Get the white seats and trim and you will be OK. Two images follow:

The CX-5 starts at about $26K. The light interiors have been in that model for multiple years, so Pre-owned (used) is an option. Want something less expensive and a bit smaller? Hyundai Kona. Here is a review of the top-trim of the CX-5.

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Kia Soul, lots of jazzy exterior colors and it can come with a two tone light gray interior instead of the black.

My 2004 PT Cruiser was bright seamist green, Very easy to find in a parking lot.

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Two suggestions for the OP:

First, go to a large news stand–such as Barnes & Noble’s magazine section–and buy a copy of the Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers Guide. This will allow you to winnow-down your possibilities to a reasonable number of car models.

Then, visit one of the very large used car emporiums, such as CarMax. Even if they don’t have something that interests you on that particular lot, they can show you the inventory on their other lots via their computer screen, and they will transport a vehicle from another of their lots to the one near you.

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With the exception of interior color (other colors available but we ended up with black), you are describing our Buick Encore.Of course, there are many others that also meet your criteria.

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