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2004 Chrysler Pacifica - rebuilt heads, won’t start

2004 CHRYSTLER PACIFICA put rebuilt heads on after timing belt broke timing is right but will not start you can turn it over and it try to start was wondering what might I have done or what I need to do thank in advance for help

What exactly happens?

Did you try starter fluid?
Did you check for spark?

it is mechanically reassembled correctly? timed right? valves adjusted? were heads milled? did you need a head shim spacer or not? does it sound “normal” when you crank it? so many things could be issue. lack of fuel. or spark. pulling heads is a complicated process that makes a no start situation even more complex. or 1 wire could be missing

Make sure the ground strap from the head to the firewall is connected.


First guess, no spark. Use a spare spark plug to check for spark during cranking . If spark ok, second guess, compression problem. Measure cylinder compression.

Trying to read between the lines I take your comments to mean that the starter will crank the engine over but it will not start AND that you replaced the timing belt kit also.

How certain are you that the thing was timed correctly? If you have the timing belt out of whack it will only take one starting revolution of the engine to bend the valves that were just repaired.

Ok car will start run for 2 or 3 sec die and not try to run after that have used eather with no results after first short run it did not even try to start

Now I have question will a ground cause this have look on net and they say all ground has to be good car was running timing belt broke it is in time but it will not run. Heads have been rebuilt have got code po700 and po652 trans. Code and low voltage code

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