2004 Chevy Tahoe Vibration


My 2004 Chevy Tahoe has 70,000 miles.

It has just recently started making a vibrating sound at low speeds around town. It is coming from the back passenger’s side tire area. It comes and goes. Does not matter if accelerating or braking. What can this mean? Are there things I can check before taking it to a mechanic?


Check for loose items like the jack or jack handle. You never know with a sound.


Check your u joints, the back one probably needs to be replaced if you haven’t already replaced them, if you did, then it needs to be adjusted.


I been having the same problem’ I can’t pin point where the problem is coming from.
I even took it to a chevy dealer and they cuoldn’t find what the problem.
This sound is driving me crazy.
It seems to be a problem with newer tahoes and there is no answer to the problem yet.


I have an '02 so I reckon I’m good eh?

No rear noise from mine aside from a slight clunk when I go from drive or neutral to reverse. I know it’s the U-joint though. Have to change it.

Let us know what you find eh?