2004 chevy impala ignition

I have an impala with a missing ignition lock cylinder. does anyone know how to bypass the security with this component missing or know where to find the wiring schematic for this model. every schematic ive found on the web aren’t complete circuits.

I’ll wager that information is extremely hard to find complete ( due to the possibility of theives accessing that info ) without signing on to a licensed mechanics website.

Just curious how one ends up with a missing ignition lock cylinder.

Without an explanation as to how you came to have a missing ignition lock cylinder and a need to bypass the security system, I think you’re going to have a hard time getting an answer.

If you don’t have a lock cylinder, the BCM wont know you’re turning the key, which it needs to see in order to start car. So in other words replace lock cylinder and perform security relearn.

So you have a missing lock cylinder, and you want to bypass the passlock system, so that you can start the vehicle with a flathead screwdriver . . . ?!


Was this vehicle involved in a theft?