2004 Chevy Classic literally STUCK

I’ve got a 2004 chevy classic with an interesting problem. When I go to put it in drive I can feel the transmission shifting like normal and it even “tries to move” when I apply the gas but it doesn’t actually move. It feels like the parking brake is stuck on. The light isn’t on though. I engaged and disengaged the parking brake several times thinking it may have been stuck but that didn’t seem to help. When I put it in neutral it won’t roll either. What do you guys think?

I think your emergency brake cable is rusted and jammed in place.


Had one truck, the rotors would rust and lock up the breaks every now and then. It was a work truck so gave it enough gas to break the brakes free.

@Barkydog I actually tried this earlier and it somewhat broke free a little bit, but then got stuck again. After that I heard sort of a creaking noise when I press the brake pedal again.

Like I said it was a work truck, so I was less concerned about breaking anything worse, might be time for a mechanic intervention!

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If I can jack the front up and see if the front wheels spin freely would that rule out a potential transmission issue?

If you have the original brake hoses, they could have deteriorated internals and are preventing the fluid from releasing your brakes.

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Why not jack up the rear end and see if the rears spin by hand?

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I suppose that would help in determining if the parking brake is stuck or not. I’ll certainly be trying that, thanks.

Brake calipers could be seized also.

This car needs work on the brakes as well anyway, I checked the fluid a while back and it was dark green. I’m sure a complete flush is in order.

I would say that you are way overdue for a complete brake overhaul.


More than likely. The pedal has felt like spongy crap for a really long time now I’m sure corrosion had it’s chance to do it’s magic.

I sure hope you don’t live anywhere near me.


How did you get Dr. in front of your name making poor decisions like driving with faulty brakes ?

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A lot of dr’s have book smarts, but not common sense smarts.

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The same place that Mac Rebennack got his doctorate. He made it up.

He’s Dr John, the Night Tripper, btw.

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People complain about brake pedal feel on new cars, it doesn’t prove there is a brake failure.



Ho ho ho. @weekend-warrior and @VOLVO-V70, can we not call anybody dumb, please? Thanks.