2004 Chevrolet Malibu Classic CEL came back on

Engine light comes on after failed remote start. Next few days, engine light stays on after key start, Replaced Spark plugs coolant sensor, gas sensor, throttle body, Removed & replaced exhaust pipe, muffler & exhaust resonator. After a few days engine light reappears and stays on.

  1. Post the code(s) you are getting.
  2. If an aftermarket remote start, try disconnecting.
    Proper diagnosis is less expensive than throwing parts at it.

I can’t up-vote this statement enough!

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Thanks for your input however, The diagnosis is from the dealer after 4 tries. I can’t get to the real problem. I’ve already spent $3500. HELP.

definitely no need to use a dealership anymore for a 16 year old car, I would use a well recommended independent mechanic instead of a dealership, personally.

You can go to Autozone/Advanced and get the codes read for free and post them here and we can make some educated guesses.

Would you be able to post the work orders from the dealership so we can see what they’ve tried so far (please block any personal info!)?