2004 Cadillac Escalade - Sounds like a woodchipper

It sounds like metal going through a wood chipper when I start driving my car, or when I slow down to a red light, or when I am slowing down to drive in the neighborhood or parking garage. It is really loud. I can send a recording.

Can you localize the area of the vehicle from which the noise is originating?

If your brake rotors look like this…

Than THAT’s your problem!


Mustangman, took me a few seconds to realize what I was looking at.

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Exhaust leak my guess, possibly a manifold. Bright side easy to diagnose.

@Purebred… you cannot believe how many pictures of totally obliterated brakes there are out on the internet. Google “mechanics fails brakes” or just “bad brakes” and look at the images tab for many more!

One more for the post…

Last year, I saw a Hyundai Accent in the parking lot of my local supermarket whose rotors looked exactly like that. Very scary to think that the owner drove there.

The car sat there for at least a week, and then it disappeared. Hopefully it was towed and repaired, but… who knows?

Notice the 2nd picture I posted… someone was driving on that broken rotor!

I don’t know HOW you can drive that and not feel something wrong!

I’m sure that the brain-dead owner of the second car declared that it was a lemon, and that he would never again buy a car of that make. :wink:

Seriously, however, it is scary to think of the morons with whom we are sharing the road, and how they may be ignoring serious safety issues.


Or hear,
You hear the car coming from a mile away, yet the customer states it wasn’t making any noise.

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