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2004 Buick Century -smells like gas

We have the smell of gas intermittently, without any discernible pattern - it sometimes happens, and sometimes doesn’t, though it seems to happen a little more often when we have the heater on. But only sometimes - not always. The smell sometimes gets worse when idling, but sometimes when idling there is no smell at all.

Our mechanic has already given it a once-over, and found nothing. They reported the charcoal container as A-OK. There are no drips or visible leaks from the engine or fuel lines. We checked the exhaust pressure, and there do not seem to be any exhaust leaks. The oil cap seal is in good shape, and overall the engine runs GREAT - it’s just the gas smell, so it’s obviously leaking from somewhere, but we have no idea where else to look!

We’re going to specifically ask our mechanic to check the spark plugs (if he didn’t already)… is there any other potential culprit?

The fuel pump lines on the top of the gas tank. On a car this old, they will be very rusty and may have developed a pinhole leak. No puddles, just smell. Spark plugs won’t do that, ignore them.