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2004 bmw 325i / sports package


I love my car and have never had a problem with it… But for the past year I didnt drive my car and didnt even start it up. I was out of the country for work and i worked in nyc and lived there. So I recently came back home and started up my car and it right up without any issues. My question is, other than an oil change and checking my tires and all, is there anything else I need to do to it before I start driving it again??

I’d look it over with special attention to the “rubber parts” like belts, hoses,etc. to make sure dry rot isn’t an issue. Some people might suggest you change all your fluids. I say nay, nay. Unless they were over due when you parked it. If it started right up with the original battery, and fuel, great. With anything approaching a year or so, if you didn’t put fuel stabilizer in your gas tank, you might expect your gas to turn to a varnish type of liquid. If your tank wasn’t full, it wouldn’t hurt to put some heat in the gas to remove whatever condensation collected. If it was parked inside, and everything appears to look fine, just drive and have a good time.