1996 325 bmw

My car has been stored in California for the past 7 months. I will be flying out to California in 2 days and will be driving it home on Sunday. Do I need to do anything before starting the car? What procedures should do you recommend I do?

Hi Sandy, First you may need a batt., then you need an oild change and check up for a trip by a gastation mechanic. I drove round trip cali to NY few times. BMW not so good with the coolant system, so have it check by an BMW specialist is better.

Be sure to bring a cell phone. Funny things can crop up after 7 months and you may not see them before Sunday. You may just be able to crank it up and drive it back without a problem. After 7 months however I would not be surprised if it needed at least a good charge on the battery and if the battery shows signs of problems I would replace it.

Good Luck and avoid those snow prone mountain roads on the way back.

What did you do to the car before you stored it? That will have an effect on what you need to do now.

I have battery cables and will get a mechanic to do a check of the battery, coolant system and the car in general before I start my drive home on Sunday. Oil change is a good idea.

Thanks, Jim.