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2004 Acura TL - 6 Speed Issues

2004 Acura TL - 6 Speed

I have two separate issues with my Acura. The first of which is a leaking issue. The leak drips, what seems, down from my moon roof. I asked my mechanic about it and he explained that there is a track that runs down from the moon roof and has outlets in my wheel wells and when it gets backed up, that is when the build up deposits itself conveniently down into my car. I had the mechanic blow out the tracks and he said that would solve the issue, which it did for maybe one rainfall and then it was right back to the same issue. The odd part is that if I park my car with the nose pointing up an incline I do not have this problem.

The second issue is concerning my clutch or what I believe to be my clutch. My first gear flutters really aggressively and I have to apply the clutch to get the RPM’s around 2,000 before I can accelerate smoothly. Grant it the car does have 270,000 miles and I am pretty certain it still has the original clutch system in it.


The drains are small and are bad about plugging right back up after cleaning. after blowing air through them, it might have helped to follow up with a stream of water from a small diameter hose to really flush out the drains.

You probably also have a dual mass flywheel that has worn out, causing your fluttering. When you find out how much one of those cost, you may want to just live with it.