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2004 Acura MDX vibration after running transmission dry

My transmission started to slip badly and I stopped it immediately and found transmission fluid in the radiator and nothing in the transmission. We replaced the radiator and flushed and refilled everything. It runs great now except it is vibrating every now and then. I’m wondering if the vibration is from running the transmission dry.

If the tranny had no fluid, it will have a limited time left. I would start saving and looking for a reputable shop to use when that day comes.

Even if I stopped driving it as soon as I noticed?
What is the vibration?

When you have a leaking transmission heat exchanger, transmission fluid mixes with the coolant and coolant mixes with the transmission fluid. When you say ‘flushed and refilled everything’ , does that mean that a full fluid flush was done on the transmission with Honda approved fluid? If you haven’t done a flush and fill on the transmission, you might try that. If the problem still remains, a transmission overhaul would probably be the next step.

In any case, coolant in a transmission attacks the friction materials. You could have lockup torque converter clutch shudder. A good transmission technician with a scan tool can tell if the TCC is slipping when it should be locked up. Alternately, it could be shudder/slip in the clutch pack for the gear that you are cruising in. Also, the clutch pack may have been slipping slightly and overheating before you noticed the slippage. The slipping and heat could have irreversibly damaged the clutch pack and/or its apply piston seals.

Hope this helps.

I’d do another tranny flush and see if there’s any change, with factory ATF fluid.