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2004 4Runner vent problem, could be fan


  1. When the air is on, it only comes out of the dashboard vents. If I change the flow to be all on the floor, defrost windshield, or anything else, it won’t change the direction of the air; it continues to come out of the dashboard front air vents.
  2. There is a buzzing that lasts from start for about 10 sec. It then quits. It will come back on for a couple seconds and then go off. It is only in the cabin; cannot be heard outside the car. If we turn off the air, the buzzing stops, but not immediately.

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


I saw this when you posted, but I wanted to verify with my vehicle before responding…of course, time got away from me. I didn’t tear mine apart, since it’s still working correctly.

The fan and air control assembly is mounted just behind the glove box. Removing the glove box is a simple matter of a few screws, and pressing the sides in. Getting the unit out, though, to repair the door mechanism is a tad more complicated.

You do not have to remove the heater core, so you don’t need to drain the coolant.

Use caution, as you’ll be working right under the airbag (SRS) system installed in the dash.

If you’ve never done this type of work before, your best bet is to just take it to a shop. If you want to save a few pennies, you can start the disassembly process yourself by removing the glove compartment and lower trim panel.

Maybe someone else here has worked on this particular part before, and can offer more guidance.