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2004 4Runner Rotor Replacement

My son has a 2004 4Runner and I need to replace the rotors and pads. Do you have to bleed the brake lines? I have owned Chevy trucks and haven’t had to do this. What is the procedure? Any help would be appreciated.


No. As long as you don’t open the bleeders or loosen the brake hoses, you are good to go.

But if it has ABS, you need to crack the bleeder while you push the piston back in order to avoid pushing the old fluid back up the line through the ABS unit. If you coordinate the action though, you don’t introduce air and don’t need to bleed the lines.

I agree with NYBo & Bing but if your brake fluid hasn’t been flushed , now would be a good time to do it .

I always open the bleeding valve because it makes it easy to push the cylinder back. Even if you have newer brake fluid in the system, the fluid close to the cylinder gets the most abuse, so a bit of flushing is good measure IMO.