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2003 VW Eurovan died while driving

2003 VW Eurovan VR-6 died while driving as if the key was turned off. The van was running great before this episode. Now, van will start, but die after about 4 secs. Changed fuel pump relay, engine control module relay, and will run with stater fluid sprayed in throttle body.
Any thoughts… fuel pump or perhaps immobilizer?

Do you have another key to try? It could be the immobilizer system not reading the key properly. Also, if there are keys for other cars are on your key ring, take off the keys so they are not near the “reader” in the steering column.


No, I just purchased the van and it only came with only one key…the van died the day I bought it. Drove it about 40 miles and then it died. I’m trying to sort out if it is a fuel problem or perhaps an immobilizer problem. I would imagine it would have to be towed to a VW specialist or a dealer if it is an immobilizer issue.
My older VW’s did not have immobilizers, so I’m new to this headache.
Thanks for your help though.

Vag Com results=8 faults
P0441-35-10 Intermittent- EVAP Emission control sys:Incorrect Flow
P1198-35-10 Intermittent-Oxy Sensor Heater Circuit B1 S2 Electrical Malfunction
P1570-35-10 Intermittent- Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer
P1649-35-10-Intermittent- Powertrain Data Bus: Missing Message from ABS Controller
P0322-35-10 Intermittent- Engine Speed Sensor ( G28): No Signal
P0321-35-10 Intermittent-Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Implausible Signal
P0113-35-00-Intake Air Temp Sensor (G42): Signal too High
P0102-35-00-Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too Low

Problem solved…new fuel pump fixed the problem.