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2003 Volkswagen Beetle power supply problems

So I am new to owning a car and it’s my first, a 2003 VW beetle, recently I ran into some trouble with the alternator so I replaced it but once replaced the car still ran out of power so I replaced the battery thinking it was dead. Now though the car is still having power supply issues and even with the new alternator and battery it is running out of power. so I’m at a loss as to what’s causing it so if anyone could shed some light on the issue that would be great.

You need to check your battery and alternator cables. Clean all of them thoroughly with wire brush. Battery terminal cleaner tools are available at parts stores.

What voltages are you reading at rest, car off, and while the engine is running?

Why did you replace the alternator?

our new governor’s wife is in the news. she is setting up an office in the capitol and outlining her agenda. yes, they are dems. she is also a mother. and worried about her 18yr old daughter driving to school in a sketchy VW bug. i wonder if it is a 1967 bug or 2003 bug?

Im going to run to the autozone later and pick up something to do the readings with so i don’t know as of the current moment on that but i replaced the alternator because at the time i believed that it was the reason for the cars power issue

Translation… I guessed that was the problem. That kind of auto repair will cost you a pile of money, a lot of time and your car still won’t be fixed. A voltmeter can be had for less than $30. Try Harbor Freight or Northern Tools.

I don’t know but hopefully if hers is a 2003 its nothing like mine and the electrical system is good

yea thankfully it wasnt to much on the alternator end because i installed it myself so it was really only the cost of the alternator and thanks for the input i will try to pick up a voltameter as soon as possible to get those reads