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2003 Tundra -- which front brake pads do I need?

Well, this is interesting. 2003 Tundras might have a 4.7” pad length, and they might have a 5.3” pad length.

To add to the confusion, on NAPA’s site, some of the pads have the notation “To 8/02,5.3" Front Pad Length”, which I take to mean truck built through, or maybe to, August of ’02 took the 5.3” pad.

Except ……

Some of the pads have the notation “To 8/02,4.7" Front Pad Length”

Does someone know how to tell by the serial number or build date? I know; I could pull a wheel and measure before buying, but I need to truck to go the the parts start. If I pull a wheel, I’ll have to put it back on to go to the store. And it’s raining. And … I’m delicate.


How about going to the local Toyota dealer to buy that set of brake pads?

They might be able to figure out what you need, based on the VIN

Go to the parts store and buy them both, take back the ones you don’t need.

Open the drivers door and there should be a placard on the door/jamb indicating the build date of the vehicle.


It’s more than just the build date. It’s also the model, the powertrain, accessories (such as a tow package), and other variables. The dealer’s parts department can tell you exactly what you need based on the VIN number, even if you get the parts elsewhere.

Oh, and in the case of brake pads you may want to do some research on types of pad material also. Or just be sure you get the type that the vehicle came with to be on the safe side.

The truck build date was 07/2003, but two of the pads on NAPA’s site are marked with conflicting information. I think the best advice is, indeed, just go to the dealership and pick up the right pads. They’ll cost a lot more, but considering the originals have lasted 10 years and 100,000 miles, I guess that’s no big deal. :wink:

Thanks for the helpful responses.