a repeating problem… after 2-3 weeks of not driving the car (2000 Suzuki Vitara, 70,000 m)

the battery is totally dead - not even a click. mechanic installed new battery to replace a quite old one and check the electrical componets - passed the test.

Dead battery again !!! Rechecked above - and looked for electircal drain w all systems turned off - no drain reported. Other than driving it more (it’s mainly for bad winter weather) what else could be done???

The battery shouldn’t die in 2-3 weeks. There is a drain somewhere, despite what the tests showed.

You have two choices: Continue to spend money searching for the drain, or buy a Battery Tender (TENDER, not Charger), and connect it to your vehicle’s battery when you park the vehicle for weeks at at time.

I use a Battery Tender Junior when I park my “summer car” for the winter, and it keeps the battery fully charged, but not over charged, for months at at time.

Do you not like the answers that were previously given about this problem?

Likely she lost the originals. Happens alla time.

Go here, suzie: http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/494011.page