2003 Toyota Prius steering torque sensors



My 2003 Gen 1 Prius (44k miles) is experiencing the dreaded torque sensor malfunction. Same error codes occur that came with the 2001 recall. Dealer says they are not authorized to repair steering, only to replace it ($2500). Everything else is working fine. Car is drivable and steering only shakes when below 10 mpg. I trust my assembly much more than a rebuild taken from an unknown accident. Is there a way to clean or replace the torque sensors without junking the entire rack assembly?


sigh I don’t understand the Prius animosity.

The OP was asking about supposed brake problems, not whether or not to buy.

I think it’s possible that the OP is not asking about brake problems, but rather the recall for the acceleration problem. You know, the minor problem where the car speeds out of control… If so, their engineers haven’t come up with a definite repair for it yet and they have just told owners to remove their floor mats. They think the problem is caused by the accelerator getting caught on the floor mat. Personally, I would wait until they come up with a definite plan before buying one.

I have an '08, and I love my car.


Whoops. I replied to the wrong thread. Sorry. :frowning:


no worries