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2003 Toyota 4Runner - water issue

I drove my car through 300 mm high flood water and the power steering shut off, will this be caused by water shorting out the pump some where in the system?

So did it come back?? The pulley of the power steering hydraulic pump probably got wet and slipped. If the power steering came back, great drive on. If it didn’t check to see if the belt is still there.

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It hasn’t come back but I haven’t driven it very far so maybe just wait till it dries ? Is it bad to drive it if it stays off ?

Yes it could be bad for several reasons. It is important that you check to see the belt is in place and not broken before you try to start it. If you don’t feel confident you can do this, have it towed to a shop. If the belt is missing a lot of other thing won’t work, like water pump and alternator. You need both.

This would have been caused by water on the belt that drives the power steering pump.