2003 Toyota 4Runner - Knock sensor

I have a 2003 4Runner with 209,000 my mechanic says it needs a knock sensor. Is this worth replacing at $2500.00!!

I guess I am jealous , I don’t have my own mechanic . Seriously the key here is a second opinion . At 16 years old and 209000 miles this thing would have to look and run like new before I would spend 2500.00 on it . I would look at Kelley Blue Book for value and then probably just trade it in.

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Any time you have an estimate that big I would always get multiple estimates. That being said, when I checked on Repair Pal https://repairpal.com/ it gave me an estimate between $445-$2563 depending on the engine and how many of the sensors need to be replaced.

Thank you ! Well it’s my mechanic at Goodyear who always services it! He says it’s a great truck and could probably go for another 100,000 miles if this is fixed🤷🏽‍♀️

Thank you! I’m going to look into another opinion as well!

Can mechanic and Goodyear go in the same sentence ?

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Be nice, ya know I’m a woman :tired_face:

He is not disparaging you… but big chain stores don’t have such a good track record employing good mechanics. We usually recommend independent repair shops for that reason.