2003 Tacoma with possible fuel system issues

I have a 2003 6cyl, manual tacoma with 130,000 miles. About 10,000 miles ago it started acting “jerky” when I would just barely let off the gas and then push on the gas. I took it into the mechanic and he ran diagnostics and said that no error codes came up. He reccomended that I start adding a fuel system cleaner to my gas to help it run smoother. I have been doing that every so often since then.

More recently, it seems that the problem is occuring when I push on the gas, there is a hesitation between when I push on the gas and when the car actually responds to me pushing on the gas. It seems to occur more during longer trips as opposed to just tooling around town.

I was stuck in traffic a couple weekends ago and it was really an issue then. It almost felt like the car was going to stall everytime I pushed on the accelerator. Also, seems to happen more when I am going uphill, after letting off the gas to go into a corner and then when I accelerate out of the corner, as I am pushing the accelerator, there is a very obvious hesitation, again, almost feeling like it is going to stall out.

Any help you could give would be great! Thanks!

My first suspect would be dirty contacts in the throttle position sensor. The ECU may not be seeing the throttle changes due to dirty connection inside the sensor.