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1998 toyota tacoma hesitation

My '98 Tacoma automatic has had a intermittent hesitation for 5 months. I’ve had it to 3 mechanics who cannot get it to hesitate when they are driving it.I left it for 2 nights at the last auto shop and let them drive it when it’s cold and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. It hesitated 3 times this afternoon as I was driving it home from the shop after paying $40 for nothing. Everybody has told me to wait until it gets worse to bring it back to be fixed. I have a new catalytic converter, o2 sensor, fuel filter and none of that has helped. The check engine light has come on briefly once, but went off before I could get it diagnosed. Any ideas about what I can do to get it diagnosed and fixed before I get stranded somewhere?

Just because the light went off, does not mean the code wasnt stored. Get it read.


Has anybody verified that the coolant temperature sensor is working correctly?

Has anybody tested the mass airflow sensor?

What about the map sensor?

Has anybody performed a fuel pressure test?

Have you at least cleaned your throttle body and the idle air control valve?

Perhaps your fuel injectors are dirty

Just throwing out some possibilities . . .

db4690, Thanks for the suggestions. How much do you think all these tests will cost? I know that Auto Zone will read the code for free, but nothing else will be free…

Whoa! My note above was supposed to be part of another discussion…the one about why oil turns dark. My error. Sorry fior butting in here!

RemcoW, I just had the code read and it is the throttle pedal position sensor. I’m having that replaced today. It sort of makes sense as the engine idles just fine. It only hesitates when I am accelerating.